1a. Custom livery
1a.1 The skin must not exceed 1.5MB
1a.2 Your skin must be sent before the beginning of the championship to validate your participation 
1.3 If you are using a default game livery, make sure that the livery number is the same as the one you chose when you registered
1b. Skin pack
1b.1 Download the skin pack here
Do not replace the Cars file with the one from the pack but paste the content. (same thing for the Liveries file)​

1b.2 Paste the content of the Cars file in: Documents\AssettoCorsaCompetizione\Customs\Cars

1b.3 Paste the contents of the file Liveries in: Documents\AssettoCorsaCompetizione\Customs\Liveries
2. Chat in game
2.1 Insult / disrespect towards another participant = ban (no discussion possible)
2.2 How the chat works on race days:
-Practice: Chat allowed without restriction
-Qualification: Report a problem or contact an admin.
-Pre-race break: Chat allowed without restriction
-Race: Once the formation lap is over the chat is forbidden and reserved to the admin
3. Rules in qualification
3.1 To avoid any cheating with the tires sets. Once you have left the pit and completed your first lap on the track you are not allowed to leave the server. In case of any technical problem that would force you to leave and re-join the server during the qualification please notify an admin on the discord. A penalty will be applied in case of cheating with the tire sets.
3.2 When you are doing your lap which doesn't count towards qualification (invalidated, out of pits), respect other driver's hotlap and ensure a safe overtake.
3.3 When you are leaving the pits don't cross the pit exit line.
3.4 The driver who leaving the pits must adapt his speed and not interfere with the trajectory of the drivers coming behind him.
3.5 Once on the track you are not allowed to use the teleportation to return to the pit. The teleportation is allowed if your car is blocked or if your car is too damaged to reach the pits safely. A penalty can be applied in case of using the teleportation without any valid reason.
3.6 Please use the chat in case of problems only. Of course a ''Hello''/''Hi''/''Bonjour'' when you join the server is never too much ;)
3.7 If possible, always try to join before the start of the qualification to avoid lag during your connection (especially if you use a custom skin) 
3.8 Having a good connection, we welcome pilots from all over the world. so the pings are sometimes high, in case of big lag/teleportation problems, You will not be allowed to participate in the race to avoid creating problems during the race.
4. Rule for the race
4.1 Respect the blue flags, without going out of the track to let the other participants pass. Simply facilitate overtaking as soon as possible.
4.2 Overtaking is forbidden under yellow flags. (In case of contact under yellow flag the penalty will be more severe.)
4.3 In case of off-track, be very careful when returning to the track. A return to the track leading to an accident will be punished by a time penalty.
4.4 In case of a head to tail that takes you in the opposite direction of the track, if you have the possibility to make a turn off the track, do it (without cutting the racing trajectory), If you are not able to turn back without cutting the trajectory DO NOT MOVE any more and waiting for a window to make your half turn.
4.5 When you are leaving the pits don't cross the pit exit line.
4.6 The driver who comes out of the pit lane does not have priority over the one who is on the track. Both drivers have to leave enough space for the coming turn.
4.7 In case of a blue flag for the driver who leaves the pits, he must do his best to facilitate the overtaking
4.8 Chat in game forbidden in race
4.9 Race iformation:
Qualification: 30min
Race: 90min
3 sets of tires for Q and R 
1 pit stop mandatory
The weather will be announced 2 weeks before the race
4.10 Race night schedule
5. Incident during the race
5.1 No penalty will be given during the race, except for penalties managed by the game. (e.g. cutting a corner, overly wide exit, excessive speed in the pit)
5.2 Contacts are part of the races, that's why after each race the race director will watch the race and will have the possibility to put warnings or sanctions. it is possible that the race directors may miss actions that happened during the race. so if you are a victim of an incident you must not under any circumstances avenge you of the one who did it. WE SOLVE THE PROBLEMS AFTER THE RACE NOT DURING! you have 48 hours after the race to make an incident report (after this period of time, complaints are no longer admissible) each complaint will be studied by the race directors. who will give their verdict afterwards. You have the possibility to contest the verdict given. Will then follow a discussion between you and the race director all complaints filed remain anonymous, the goal is not to create tension between the pilots but to make enforce the rules and to learn from its mistakes so that everyone has a good time on the track.
6. Penalties
6.1 Sanction possible: (the penalties are ordered according to the degree of importance of the incident)
- Warning
- Time penalty added after the race 5s/10s/30s (in case you did not finish the race: you start at the bottom of the grid for the next race.)
- Disqualification of the qualification for the next race or start from the pit line
- Disqualification of the next race
- Disqualification of the championship
8. Points Scale
The point scale is not yet available, it will be available shortly before the first round to be in accordance with the number of participants. If you want to have an approximate idea of what it will be like, you can click here to see the one of season 3. And here for the Leaderboard
9. Red flag
9.1 The red flag can be used in exceptional situations like:
-Server crash
-Lag server
-An incident that would totally block the track.
In the case of a red flag the results will be frozen when the first of the race crosses the line for the last time. In case of a server crash or server lag, the red flag will be used only if 50% of the race has been completed. Otherwise the race will be replayed immediately or rescheduled to another day.
10. Yellow flag
10.1 Overtaking during yellow flags is strongly discouraged! But they are not sanctioned by the game and very complicated for us to check if all the overtaking are valid. In any case, be extremely vigilant during a battle under yellow flag, In case of contact with another driver in a yellow flag zone. The driver who attacks will be considered responsible.
11. Blue flag
11.1 When you are under the blue flag you must facilitate the overtaking as soon as possible. Leave the trajectory (without leaving the road) in the best case. Don't be unpredictable, don't change your line 10 meters before the braking zone.
12. Car selection
12.1 Iit is possible to change the car before the November 19th.
12.2 It is not possible to change cars during the championship. If for any reason you really want to change your car your championship points will be reset to zero.
13. Balancing (Ballast)
13.1 To balance the races and slow down the aliens, the first 3 or 5 of the general ranking will have ballast.
This is what it could look like:
1st +40kg
2nd +30kg
3rd +20kg
4th +10kg
5th +5kg
All rules can be changed/modified. You will be notified of changes on discord if there are any changes