What tracks, Which dates ? 





Who can register and how ?

The first 50 validated registrants will be accepted to participate. Everyone can register, the only thing you have to do is to be respectful of the other drivers on the track and have fun. To register, simply fill in the registration form at the bottom of this page.


Does it pay to register for the championship ?

The championship is completely free, no registration fee will be asked, but you can at any time make a donation to participate in the financing of the championship.


What is the format of the races ?

Each race weekend is composed of 2 races of 25 min, with a 15 minute qualifying session before each race 

Points scale:

1st I 25Pts
2nd I 18Pts
3rd I 15Pts
4th I 12Pts
5th I 10Pts
6th I 8Pts
7th I 6Pts
8th I 4Pts
9th I 2Pts
10th I 1Pts


Ballast will be put in place for the top 3 of the championship.

1st 30kg, 2nd 20kg, 3rd 10kg